Covid-Quest–An App To Guide Patients Identify Their Risk

The current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has created an environment where everyone fears for their health and safety, especially those with chronic respiratory disease or other underlying health problems.  A sneeze, cough, fever, or headache could be an indication of infection from the virus.

A partnership between Tell it–together™ and Imothep-MS (telemedicine arm Hy-Results™)  has resulted in an application called Covid-Quest that helps people identify if they need medical assistance and/or testing.

Whether a patient or a caregiver, this tool will assist in determining the severity of any symptoms and facilitate good communication with doctors or healthcare providers.

Though just coming to the US, this app was first released in France and has provided excellent results.  Citizens of France are going to this easy-to-use application at the rate of 16-17,000 per day to determine if they need to be tested. The Covid-Quest online platform can assist anyone who has symptoms and needs to determine if they need a test or to see a doctor.  Once a user goes to the platform, they are led through a series of 26 questions about the symptoms of the new coronavirus to determine if what they are experiencing is of concern. At each stage, Covid-Quest sends advice or even alerts if the symptoms described seem serious. The application also asks questions about medical history and any current treatments in order to determine the patient’s risk.

Once the questionnaire is complete, the platform publishes a PDF summary. This document can be sent to a doctor by email or read to a doctor over the phone during a remote appointment, which is often the first step in determining if a visit to the doctor or hospital is required. This document can be taken to a doctor or hospital and may also be added to the patient’s personal medical.

This digital tool is simple and intuitive. It does not require account creation or any prior medical history to be used. It is accessible from a smart phone or personal computer, and is excellent in providing a summary of the patient’s situation in order to facilitate communication with their doctor or other healthcare provider so that all of the necessary information is available for review.

The questionnaire was developed in collaboration with doctors’ recommendations and based on the scientific knowledge of the new coronavirus – so it is specific and thorough in order reduce false information.  It even guides the patient in how to measure their respiratory rate, which is important information to provide to a doctor during the consultation to determine severity of symptoms.

While stay at home orders across the nation have certainly helped to contain the virus to an extent, the need to start opening up the nation and move out of our homes again creates the requirement that more and more people be tested in order to track the virus and reduce the potential for spread.  However, the difficulty continues to be being able to get tested as the requirements to procure a test are very specific.  This tool can help to better identify those who should seek medical attention and/or testing.