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Should you start a podcast?

The question you should ask yourself is do you need fast customers or a long term audience?

It all comes down to owning attention, the leverage, and the influence. That is the power of having an audience and what starting a podcast can give you.

On the other hand it means doing the hard work of showing up everyday and competing for quality and value. Getting customers attention if you can afford it is faster through podcast sponsoring and branded content. If you already own a distribution channel there is a great opportunity to build your brand and serve your audience through curation. Discovering a new podcast is by far the biggest challenge of that industry and your customers might find highly valuable to be suggested new podcasts they will love.

For all these considerations, this is why we at Tell it–together jumped on the opportunity.

Inspired by recent podcast successes by Gimlet Media and seeing how instrumental Start-Up and Homecoming were to the launch and growth of the company, NYTimes bestselling novelist Danielle Trussoni and film director Hadrien Royo, decided it is was worth exploring a similar option.

While writing her new novel The Ancestor, Danielle Trussoni became fascinated by the tribe of Icemen she had imagined. She traveled to the Italian Alps, where the fictional Iceman lives, and studied the evolutionary possibility that another species of the genus homo might survive in extreme conditions.

The result is a fantasy audio drama set after the sixth extinction due to climate change, and follows the story of Jane Silver who hunts cryptids whose DNA might hold the key to restoring life on earth.

Crypto-Z is an audio drama podcast that expands the most fantastical part of The Ancestor – cryptozoology, the study of undocumented animals called cryptids, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, kraken and other animals that inspired werewolves and and vampires—and thus creates a complementary universe to the novel, The Ancestor.

After a catastrophic extinction event caused by climate change, Crypto-Z agents Jane Silver and Felix Bright hunt down an iceman whose genetic ancestry holds the key to restoring life on earth. But it is a race against time as the ARK project needs this cryptid for their own dark purposes.

Crypto-z is a ten episode audio drama co-hosted by Danielle Trussoni and Hadrien Royo. It is produced by Euphonie and sponsored by Tell it-Together. 

We will release a link to the trailer and the podcast in March 2020. In the meantime, you can sign-up for updates here.