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Show you care: what we mean when we talk about story

Attention can be paid for or it can be earned.

 If you are looking to spend less on advertising, if you are looking to reach a demographic that’s insensitive to interruptive messages (aka Millennials) or if you are looking to transition from customer-based selling to audience-based marketing, you have to tell a story worth sharing.

A brand story isn’t the story of the brand or the biography and life of their founders. A brand story isn’t about how great your business is, the accomplishments and the awards on your shelf. It isn’t about how long it has existed and how many generations have built it.

Your brand story is about your customers and all the steps you have taken, the promises and the sacrifices you have made, and in order to serve them in order to create the change that the brand seeks to make.

A brand’s story isn’t communicated in the form of a book, a video, a blog post or whitepapers. It should be obvious and clear through every single interaction your customer has with the brand.

It is expressed through the product, the messaging, the website, the technical support, the customer service, in all the content, in the newsletters and email marketing campaigns, the design, the UX, the logo… However your customers find you.

Everything should come together to tell a great story, because great storytelling is the only way to show you care.